July 30 2013
To share some of the technical tid-bits we've learned while developing our next product, we've started a tech and development blog. Stay tuned for more information on our next product.

March 10 2013
We've released a small free utility to test the waters of retail development. See Photos2Folders.

March 1 2012
Our new website has gone live! We thought the company needed an strong online presence and a new look. This is just the start, so you can expect more updates in the coming year.

Acrojax Solutions is an oil and gas focused technical services provider and systems developer based in Calgary, Alberta.

Our focus is on creating and implementing technology and process solutions focused on delivering positive organizational change.


Our primary business focuses on providing high-end technical services to the oil and gas industry.

Business Focused

Our technical services aim to provide more than just the basic information system support services. We pride ourselves in truly understanding the the business objectives of our clients and ensuring our technical services help them to achieve those objectives. Services include business analysis, project management, and systems architecture.


Acrojax does not currently market any products, however we are always on the lookout for new business opportunities and may be looking to develop a product in the near future.